Did you know that you can get real money for walking around with your mobile phone? Sweatcoin is an app that pays you with cryptocurrencies for your walks


Sweatcoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) that you earn by walking or running. You earn Sweatcoin through an app on your phone; tracks your outdoor steps throughout the day and rewards you with about 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) for every 1,000 steps you take. These coins can be redeemed for gifts ranging from magazines, healthy energy drinks, music downloads, digital watches, running shoes, electronics and more..

Heck, the creators of the app even said they wanted you to be able to pay your taxes with Sweatcoins… crazy, right?

But what about making money? Keep reading!

Yes, you really can win free gifts… even gift cards!

Since I downloaded the app in 2016, they have added hundreds of new offers to the market. I have cashed Amazon cards, PayPal, subscriptions, sunglasses, shoes, food boxes and more. Now, these things required a lot of Sweatcoins – at the time I was running 6 miles a day, so the Sweatcoins were piling up fast.

(Did you know we have an FAQ page with TONS of information about this app? Click here to check it out.)

Sweatcoin and Blockchain? This is like Bitcoin?

Sweatcoin is also going to be a blockchain cryptocurrency (still in development as of September 2018).

It will be the first of every cryptocurrency that you can earn by walking or running!

What that means is that you can buy and sell Sweatcoins on a stock exchange.

But before we go any deeper, let's watch an Introduction to Sweatcoin video!

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin (SWC) is an alternative form of currency earned by “mining” Sweatcoin through physical activity. You may have heard of Bitcoin (BTC). You earn BTC by using your graphics card to solve complex equations in hopes of finding the next block of coins, known as mining. Sweatcoin is similar, but different, in that you use your real life steps to generate SWC. It's not random whether or not you find coins – it's guaranteed. Many of the BTC miners can spend months processing and not earn anything due to the limited supply of Bitcoin. Sweatcoin users who are runners can go out and win 1 SWC in as little as 8 minutes, or even less!

But let's back up and start with the basics.

Sweatcoin is an app that you install on your iPhone (Android coming soon!). It runs in the background and tracks your physical activity - running or walking - and rewards you with exactly 0.95 SWC for every 1,000 steps you take.

You can spend the currency immediately on low-cost offers that interest you, like music downloads or magazine subscriptions, or you can save the SWC for high-value items like digital watches, game consoles, running shoes, and more. At one point, SWC users were able to redeem a PS4+ game for the cost of several hundred coins!

The offers are very short-lived and circulate frequently. This keeps the experience always fresh. For example, if the app presented the same 5 offers for many months at a time, users would get very tired. So you have to be vigilant, checking each day for new offers and strategically spending your hard-earned SWC on the higher value ones. (Read: Determining Offer Value)

Is the app really free?

Yes! Everything within the app costs Sweatcoin. You never have to provide a credit card or address or any other personal information. All that is needed is a username and email address for verification.

How many coins can I earn?

With Mover's free membership level, you can earn up to 5 of Sweatcoin's crypto per day, minus a 5% conversion fee. What's amazing about SWC, though, is that you're literally free to upload how many steps you can take in a day. It only costs you... Sweat! The first day of using the app, I went out and ran 6 miles to earn 5SWC. I used these fresh coins to purchase the Shaker membership level, which allows me to earn up to 10SWC per day. After upgrading, I went out and ran another 6 miles to hit my daily limit.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions!

Does the app use a lot of battery?

The Sweatcoin app has a battery saver mode that limits battery consumption at the expense of GPS accuracy. Some users note that this saves about 20% of their battery usage. However, I personally run the app without this battery saving mode and haven't noticed a significant difference. If you compare this app to the famous Pokemon GO app, it uses a fraction of the battery that that app uses.

More questions? Read the handy FAQs!

I have put together a compendium of information about Sweatcoin. If you want to continue reading, click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions!


  • Jenny

    Hello, I would like to sell sweatcoins, how is it done? How much do you pay for sweatcoins?

  • Suira

    Hello, I would like to sell sweetcoin, could you give me information on how much they pay? Thank you

  • Junior

    Why doesn't everything that path is converted to swc ? Well, only the first time he converted it and the other days, what do I do or what did I do wrong?

  • fernando montes de oca

    Hello good afternoon, how can I charge my sweatcoins to paypal only with the daily offers and with walking; Because I haven't found a way to do it. Osi you have to invite friends to do it. I would like you to help me because I have that doubt.

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